Another interesting usage of 2D Code

Most of our experience of 2D Code is

l   Step1: Open 2D Code Scanner

l   Step2: Stabilize your hands and scan the 2D Code from the posters, magazines or brochures

l   Step3: Follow the link to a website, watch a video or trailer

2D Codes only bring people to the web page and then leave them there, so that’s where business falls short. However, it is more like extension of the advertisements or marketing campaigns. The book “Go Mobile” mentions that “ Don’t run 2D Code program in isolation. If you integrate the promotion with other marketing campaigns, the result will improve.”


I found that JC Penney, the US department store chain, has come up with an ingenious use for QR Codes called “Who’s Your Santa” campaign, in last Christmas. JC Penney invited customers to personalize their Christmas giving with the use of 2D tags and mobile phone technology. When purchasing in JC Penny, consumers get a “Santa Tag” in the form of 2D Codes and enable so record a personalized gift message for each of their gifts. Attaching 2D Codes to gifts allows givers to record a 60-second message. The gift receivers scan the 2D Code on the gift and listen to the blessing message. At the same time, the codes enable the user to reply with a thank you note to the giver.

In fact, customers can complete the same process through e-mail or voice message instead of 2D Code. However, the process would be lack of the instant feeling of gifts being on hand and listening to the wish immediately. It is a small creativity but it breaks through the application of 2D Code for just accessing the website. The novel campaign is able to interact with the customers and improves the impression of JC Penney.

5 thoughts on “Another interesting usage of 2D Code

  1. I love the concept, but, I do have to wonder how many of JC Penny’s customers us QR codes. seems like this would be a better bet for somewhere like Best Buy.

  2. I remember hearing about these last Christmas. What I don’t understand is how the recipient retrieves the message. Is it that the tag/message starts out ‘blank’ and therefore when scanned for the first time you’re taked to a web page that asks for a phone number. Then you record your message when they call you back. Then every time the tag is scanned in the future the person is directed to a web page that plays an audio file? (I really want to understand the mechanics!).

    1. Hi Kelly,
      I didn’t have chance try it last Christmas but I find a video would be easier to see how the process works!
      It’s pretty much like you thought!

    1. Me too. I seldom have the motivation to try 2D codes but I feel more excited if it is something like this connected with friends and family.

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