Color Harmonies Décor App


[This is a side project while I was interested in home decoration]

Home furnishings is a $79 billion industry, according to IBIS World as of December, and the space is attracting innovators and investors alike 2015.

Once home décor was dominated by retailers or professional interior designers, now we can see more innovative startups are leading the changes. I start to pay more attention on interior design when some of my friends and myself moved to new apartments.

Displaying wall art in home can enhance the character of living space and add color and vibrant to an otherwise plain room. Around the time combing with the picture frames project I was working on, I start to think about what would be a valuable way to help people picking aesthetic artworks or photos for decoration without an expert eye.

Problem 01: Not many people are able to afford to hire home decorators.
Problem 02: Buying art pieces is expensive that people don’t want to make the mistake buying a wrong match one.



I did an experiment seeing how color plays a huge role for the artworks people select and how the artwork would affect the entire home environment.





As we see the importance of color harmonies, I came up the mobile app concept so people do not need to invest time working with interior decorators to choose art would suit their home environment from color harmonies. It’s efficiently help narrow down the possibilities into the colors that best fit user’s vision for the space. And the simple process would encourage discovering.


How the Color Harmonies app work is by taking a picture, the system will analyze color palette based on the home photo and suggest artworks from third party or personal photos (if users allow the app accesses to their photos). To make the discovering process delightful, “core” as the primary color from the room; “Parallel” as the adjacent color based on the room and “Trilogy” as the triad color based on the room suggesting various of artworks according to the color palette.  

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