About this blog

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. The blog is written for COM 546: Communication through Digital Media and Networks and COM 597: Mobile Media and Strategy of my master program, Communication in Digital Media at University of Washington.

Given my experience producing short online video on school and working experience, I’d like to blog about the effectiveness of commercial online videos. My definition of effectiveness is based on numbers of viewers and positive comments about commercials.

I will divide this blog into two parts. First, I would collect some interesting commercial online videos and organize them according to the feature of the products. Also, I will analyze how they were discussed and the cultural influence combined with comments from marketers.

I worked in a commercial agent in Taiwan for eight months and focused on China’s booming internet industry. According to Research and Markets announced the addition of the “China Online Video Industry Report, 2011” report that Chinese online video industry expected to maintain a growth rate of over 30% in the next 5 years. Also, China’s online video market revenue in 2010 reached RMB 2.275 billion, up 170.2% over 2009.

I am able to understand Chinese internet user and internet marketing industry because I share same linguist and culture background with them. Besides, I am also interested in China’s internet comments control. I believe a successful video marketing should have diverse opinion and interaction.

In addition to my own analysis of this blog, I will interview some marketers to examine whether or not it is a successful form of communication.

If people are also interested in entering into China’s market, welcome to read this blog and share comments!


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